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BenchMark 2005 No. 3: CSI St. Louis; News in Brief

CSI St. Louis: New police forensic laboratory; News in Brief: Seminole Electric Plant, Coal-Fired Symposium, Tri-State Tollway, Engineering Excellence Award.

BenchMark 2005 No. 3: Tech Q&A/How It Works

Technical Q&A: Meteorological analysis provides more than a weekly weather forecast; How It Works: Ethanol - From Feedstock to Fuel.

Delivering All Kinds of Wow

Some engineering feats -- the Hoover Dam, the Holland Tunnell -- are known for their size. But size is just one way to "wow" clients.

Light Fliers: What is a VLJ?

VLJ is the acronym for "very light jet" -- commercial jet aircraft that weight less than 10,000 pounds and carry just a handful of passengers.

Lighting the Way: Giving Cities the Information They Need

Infrastructure needs go beyond roads and water mains -- street lighting is key.

Something for Everyone: Texas Transmission Line Structures Turn Up in Every Imaginable Locale

TXU Electric Delivery has transmission lines crossing territory ranging from wetland to desert, rural to urban.

Tea for Two: Studies Help Unilever Determine Best Options for Duplicating Lipton Line

Unilever brought in Burns & McDonnell to help evaluate options for increasing production capacity of a process line.

The Central Mission: The Joint Intelligence Center

The first phase of an overall upgrade of Central Command facilities, the JIC is being designed as a highly specialized complex for its important defense function.

Waste to Energy: Retrofit and Upgrade of Energy Recycling and Recovery Facility

The upgraded facility will be the newest waste-to-energy facility in the U.S.

Wow Engineering Projects

The biggest wow of all: A really happy client -- projects with remarkable safety records, new markets, important facilities.