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316(b) Reaches Final Phase: Cooling Water Intakes at Industrial Facilities Now Subject to Clean Water Act Rules

The last phase of Clean Water Act rules governing cooling water intakes is approaching.

Back from the Brink: A Vital Water Source is Making a Comeback

The Sparta Aquifer is the sole source of industrial, commercial and drinking water in Union County, Ark.

BenchMark 2006 No. 2: Feature Projects

Biogas Utilization System, Richland, Wash.; Security Assessment, San Antonio; Historic Square Improvements, Harrisonville, Mo.; Performance Contracting, Fresno, Calif.

BenchMark 2006 No. 2: Safety Corner/News in Brief

Safety Corner: Hours and Hours of Milestones; News in Brief: Runway Project Earns National Paving Award, IGCC Project to Begin Construction in 2007, Burns & McDonnell Awarded Design of Iatan Plant, Heating/Cooling Plant Earns ACEC Award.

Better Life in the City: Municipal Engineering Services

Neighborhood projects help improve the quality of life.

Engineering Improvements Where We Work and Live

Whether water, wastewater, transportation, aviation or power facilities, municipal infrastructure projects improve quality of life.

On the Road, in the Air

Davel Hadel hits the pavement to help general aviation airports soar.

Refining the Process: Series of Projects Expands Independent Refiner's Clean Fuels Capabilities

Sinclair Tulsa Refining is developing clean fuels operations at its Tulsa, Okla., refinery to meet gasoline and diesel sulfur reduction mandates from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Who Knew? Project That Covers a Lot of Ground Turns Up Unusual Circumstances

When a transmission line project traverses nearly 1,000 miles, you're bound to encounter unusual situations. Diligence can unearth potential pitfalls in proposed corridors.