Changing Power for the Future

The landscape of America's electric power production is changing. Environmental regulations are becoming increasingly strict with requirements to significantly lower power plants' air emissions and decrease the strain on natural resources. With newer technologies and more affordable fuel sources available to meet those requirements, more coal-fired plants than ever are being decommissioned.

But deciding to decommission a plant is more than shutting down and dismantling. It involves in-depth considerations of what the future holds for the plant's site. Beginning on page 9, we delve into the various aspects plant owners must consider, such as asset valuation, environmental studies, and site cleanup and redevelopment, and how they affect the future of providing electric power.

Coal-fired power plants have been a mainstay in our country's electric power supply for more than 100 years. And they no doubt will continue to be. But as the regulatory changes begin to alter the way we provide and consume power, we must be diligent in transitioning to a new era of power generation.

Larry Milner
Vice President and General Manager

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