Comprehensive Cost-of-Service & Rate Design Study - Naperville, Ill.

Client: Naperville Department of Public Utilities
Location: Naperville, Ill.


Burns & McDonnell first performed a cost-of-service and rate design study for the Naperville Department of Public Utilities (Naperville) in 2006. This study included the determination of the Naperville electric utility's cost-of-service under several different potential power supply scenarios. This allowed the city of Naperville to make a determination of what impacts each potential power supply source would have upon its retail rates charged to its customers.

The rate design portion of the study included an analysis of the consumption characteristics of the utility's customers to determine if the existing customer classifications adequately reflected differentiation among customer load profiles. New rate classes were included in the cost of service allocations and corresponding rate schedules were developed for each resulting class of customers. This study also included an in depth analysis of the utility's existing system development charge and its impact on future capital requirements.

Recognizing the value that Burns & McDonnell brought to the rate making process, Naperville has relied on our consultants for previous rate-related assignments in 1994, 1995, 1998, 2000 and 2002.


  • Cost-of-service study
  • Rate design study