Your power requirements are too important to be left to guesswork. Our forecasting specialists use the most sophisticated analysis methods to help you meet short- and long-term power needs.

A little planning will help you go a long way.

The Risks and Rewards of Predicting Power Needs

We are one of the leading consulting firms for load forecasting and power requirements studies. We use a variety of growth projection methods ranging from statistical trending to socio-econometric analyses. Our professionals are also available to present load projections through expert testimony or presentations before public service commissions, city councils and other administrative bodies.

We have extensive experience in resource planning for all types of power industry clients. We have helped our clients evaluate the merits of constructing new generating facilities, participating in new and existing units, purchasing power to meet short- and long-term needs and implementing demand-side management. The resources include fossil-fueled and renewable options.

Our successful application of sophisticated decision analysis techniques help you solve difficult problems. Depending on the problem, we use scenario analysis, decision-tree analysis, simulation analysis and multi-attribute decision analysis to help clients assess risks and rewards of making important business decisions.


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