The North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) reliability standards dictate reliable power supply and distinct business and communication practices required of electric power generation and transmission owners. The stakes are high, and non-compliance can result in significant fines.

We provide comprehensive NERC compliance management solutions that help you effectively comply with the NERC reliability standards.

Readiness Assessment

Our experienced compliance professionals help you prepare for an upcoming audit and identify any compliance program deficiencies that may increase your exposure to noncompliance. After performing a gap analysis, we make recommendations to mitigate your risks.

Deficiency Mitigation

Mitigating compliance program deficiencies may involve developing or updating policies and procedures, performing and submitting self-certifications, coordinating with regional reliability organizations, and developing workflow diagrams for all compliance-related processes.

Compliance Consulting

You may have a good understanding of your compliance-based needs, but you need additional resources to become compliant. We can augment your staff with on-site support to identify your needs and execute solutions. From serving as your compliance assistant to managing your compliance program, we can tailor our services to best fit your organization's needs.


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