Managing the triple bottom line is necessary for organizations to stay competitive in today's environment. It's about successfully managing many interests — the community, workplace, marketplace, investors and others — in a way that contributes to the overall prosperity of your organization.

The marketplace demands transparency in sustainable corporate operations. Companies are responding to interested stakeholders by publishing corporate sustainability reports (CSRs), which disclose economic, environmental and social aspects of business.

The number of CSRs published has increased steadily over the past decade, with a 22 percent growth to more than 1,700 companies worldwide using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework in the latest reporting period. The number escalates when factoring in other reporting frameworks from AccountAbility and the International Organization of Standardization.

Formula for Successful Corporate Sustainability Reports

A good CSR should be based on strategies that add value to that particular company. Reporting organizations need to develop strategies that they have influence over, resonate with stakeholders and, ultimately, help pay for themselves.

When it comes to implementation, we not only help you successfully plan and communicate through CSRs but also execute sustainability strategies that pay for themselves. Greenhouse gas inventories and energy audits often reveal such opportunities.


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