Wastewater treatment systems are only as effective as the collection systems routing wastewater to them.

We can help you plan, build and maintain wastewater collection systems with pumping stations, force mains and interceptor sewers that will keep you in compliance with changing regulations, protect resources and meet the needs of your established or rapidly growing community.

Experienced and Cost-Conscious Wastewater Collection Design

We use pipe materials that bring long-term reliability at the lowest possible cost. Our detailed evaluations of existing sewer systems help identify and correct structural deficiencies and reduce infiltration/inflow. Our tools include computer hydraulic models of sewer systems integrated with GIS to analyze sewer system performance and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of alternate strategies for compliance with combined sewer and separate sanitary sewer overflow regulations.

Our pumping station experience includes new pumping station sand evaluation of existing stations to increase capacity or improve operating efficiency and reliability. We use state-of-the-art computer programs to solve complex hydraulic surge (water hammer) problems in pumping stations and force mains.

Our trenchless experience includes sliplining, tunneling, microtunneling, pipe bursting and cured-in-place lining.


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