Enhancing public engagement through an interactive noise management portal
Enhancing public engagement through an interactive noise management portal
Enhancing public engagement through an interactive noise management portal
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As the aviation authority for the nation’s second-largest city and hub to one of the world’s most populous metropolitan areas, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is faced with the challenge of educating an expansive public about aircraft noise and addressing their specific concerns. A new customer engagement portal provides the solution.

To offer more relevant and accurate aircraft noise education and communication to a wide‑reaching public, Los Angeles World Airports requires a system that is easily accessible to those who desire information and education to promote public understanding.


Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) operates two major airports in the Los Angeles area, Los Angeles International Airport and Van Nuys Airport. Both airports face similar challenges when it comes to noise from aircraft, and LAWA currently leverages its internal noise group to keep a pulse on the surrounding communities and monitor noise comments to help the organization respond to persistent concerns through various programs.

LAWA’s former noise website offered the public educational data in different formats across the platform — content existed in a variety of places and reports were often applicable to a wide range of residents. Because of this, it could be confusing or difficult for members of the public to find information that pertained directly to their community or tailored to their concerns.

Since community members (users) were not able to quickly and efficiently access and identify relevant information, they were left sifting through countless reports and data, resulting in confusion, misunderstanding and further frustration. This limited the airports’ ability to leverage their data to tell a compelling story and diminished their capacity to effectively engage the public to field concerns and provide education on operating procedures.

Additionally, LAWA needed the ability to create efficiencies in its internal noise management operations by collecting and analyzing community sentiment data. This would allow the organization to more readily engage with the public and create programs that provide meaningful insight into airport operations and LAWA’s initiative to address public concerns.


To achieve these goals, our team built an online, geo-based portal that serves multiple purposes.

First, the system is geospatially filterable, allowing users to select their community to show information relevant only to their location. This includes reports, statistics, known issues, flight data and operating procedures, as well as actions LAWA has taken to minimize concerns, helping to demonstrate a proactive response to remedy issues.

1898 & Co. was tasked to build a web-based portal that provides an interactive platform to educate and communicate with the public on noise issues for Los Angeles World Airports. The team deployed a solid design approach that laid a strong foundation for the success of the portal. During the implementation stage, the team kept to the schedule and strived to best achieve the business needs while following an agile methodology. It’s been a pleasure working with 1898 & Co.

Yi Lee
IT Project Manager for LAWA

The solution includes features designed to provide value to LAWA by increasing public engagement and education, building internal stakeholder awareness, and improving operational efficiency to make content management and control more effective. In addition, the use of the agile project approach made it possible for the development of the site to include key features and functionality important to LAWA by providing early visualization and hands-on testing of the application. Such features as the administrative portal were conceptualized through this approach, helping to meet goals and objectives.

This new administration portal will allow nontechnical personnel at LAWA to easily modify content on the webpage. Through this portal, they have the means to add new content types, including text, images and more, to change what the end user sees when needed.

Educational content will also be available to show the public how flight procedures work and present the responsibilities of the airports and the Federal Aviation Administration. Reports and statistics will be enriched through targeted media content and graphics, strengthening the messaging and making it easier to digest. In this way, LAWA can provide accessible and relevant data to the public, creating their own narrative and getting ahead of potential concerns and misinformation.

To build this system, we used a highly iterative, agile design process, giving LAWA a chance to provide quick feedback in shorter loops to inform the development process in real time. As opposed to a traditional, waterfall approach — in which the client presents its needs before the product is built, then delivered — this method offers a value-driven solution, with the end result being a product that serves LAWA in the most effective way possible.

In this way, LAWA has the opportunity to discover certain features it needs as the portal is built, such as the ability to add video content from various sources, the capability to change areas of interest on the map and a way to preview content created in the administrative portal. This discovery of necessary functionality allowed us to fully integrate new features into the design.

Connecting with the public

With this project, LAWA hopes to improve its service to the public and create more accessible channels for information and communication between itself and its customers by not only gathering public concerns but also opening a dialogue with the communities surrounding its airports. The portal will act as a community engagement tool, giving LAWA a central platform for posting content to users rather than responding to individual user comments/questions.

Project stats

Client: Los Angeles World Airports

Location: Los Angeles, California

Projected timeline: 2019-2021

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