Burns & McDonnell Offers New Sustainable Design-Build Services
Burns & McDonnell Offers New Sustainable Design-Build Services
Burns & McDonnell Offers New Sustainable Design-Build Services
01/12/2015 1 minute read

Firm recruits Nathan Benjamin and Brian Alferman, pioneers in the innovative reuse of building materials. The game-changing approach to sustainable design provides building material reuse coordination and services to clients.

Burns & McDonnell has added global reuse services to its list of client solutions. The game-changing approach to sustainable design provides building material reuse coordination and services to clients, and continues the firm's innovations in architecture, engineering and design-build construction.

The addition of this innovative way to reuse building materials follows the hiring of Nathan Benjamin and Brian Alferman. They were the innovators behind PlanetReuse, a venture started by Benjamin in 2008 that provided reclaimed building material coordination, brokering and consulting services throughout North America.

The service pioneered by their former company is now part of the broad range of services offered by the Burns & McDonnell Global Facilities (GFS) practice. Helping clients to reuse building materials is a sustainable program that will immediately impact how design-build projects and national roll-out programs acquire and dispose of resources.

"As environmental consciousness continues its path towards the mainstream, Burns & McDonnell continues bringing inventive solutions to its customers," said Greg Graves, chairman and CEO of Burns & McDonnell. "We see an immediate opportunity to impact the planet and our clients' bottom line within commercial architecture, manufacturing and retail."

Benjamin brings more than 17 years' experience and a strong base of leadership, construction knowledge, national contacts and entrepreneurial drive to the firm. Burns & McDonnell is familiar territory for Benjamin who started his career with the firm, spending nearly eight years as a project manager. Alferman's career includes 14 years of experience in both local and national leadership roles.

Over the years, they have developed considerable experience leveraging large, commercial-scale projects to achieve a company's vision to help the planet, save money and save time.

"About 40 percent of landfill waste comes from building construction and demolition activity, and about 80 percent of that material can be reused in its current state while adding character and interest to a wide scope of projects," Benjamin said.

Their previous client base included Nike, Interface, Qualcomm, Charles Schwab, Cerner, Boy Scouts of America, Whole Foods, Habitat for Humanity International, Audible.com, NRDC, CRBE, Hallmark, the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Freightquote. They also collaborated with design firms and contributed to Living Building Challenge, Green Globes and LEED-certified projects.

"We are excited for the opportunity to expand our reach with an innovative, global firm, like Burns & McDonnell, helping clients find options when looking for materials going into new projects and landfill alternatives for those coming out," Benjamin said.

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