Burns & McDonnell Expands Leadership Team for Oil and Gas Infrastructure Project Development
Burns & McDonnell Expands Leadership Team for Oil and Gas Infrastructure Project Development
Burns & McDonnell Expands Leadership Team for Oil and Gas Infrastructure Project Development
06/10/2016 2 minute read

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HOUSTON, Texas (June 10, 2016) — Despite volatile energy prices, the need for increasingly robust oil and natural gas transmission and storage infrastructure continues to grow. In order to address this need for clients, Burns & McDonnell has added four senior project managers to its oil and gas design-build teams in Houston and Denver.

Steve Adcock and Jeremy Wilkerson have joined Burns & McDonnell as senior project managers in the Houston region, and Kirsten Glesne and Chris McFarland are senior project managers based in Denver. All will be responsible for leading a variety of terminal, pipeline and related facility projects in the U.S. and internationally.

Adcock has more than 25 years’ experience managing new design, procurement and construction projects for major petroleum companies and as an engineer-procure-construct (EPC) contractor. He has worked on many large pipeline projects ranging from interstate crude oil pipelines to intrastate pipelines and terminal storage systems. A degreed engineer from Mississippi State University, Adcock has also managed numerous marine terminal facilities both domestic and internationally. 

Wilkerson has more than 17 years’ experience with a focus on gathering systems and facilities layouts. He has worked for major petroleum producers and refiners in all sectors, from upstream/midstream transportation to downstream refining and in manufacturing operations for gas turbine and reciprocating engine compressors. He has a bachelor’s degree in electrical technology and a master’s degree in of business administration.

Glesne has 21 years’ experience on major onshore and offshore pipeline, storage terminal and related facilities projects for Chevron and other major petroleum companies. She has overseen large-scale, complex construction projects in Africa, the Middle East and the U.S. covering all phases from design and bid through construction, fabrication, and commissioning. She is a mechanical engineer with a degree from California State Polytechnic University and has a master’s degree in international relations from Tufts University.

McFarland has 14 years’ experience as a project manager on a variety of interstate and international pipeline and terminal projects, where he managed front-end planning through detailed design and construction. His experience most recently includes a mix of natural gas, crude and refined products cross country pipelines. McFarland is a mechanical engineer with a degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

“We’re excited to add dynamic project leaders like Steve, Jeremy, Kirsten and Chris as we continue to grow our team nationwide,” says Hoyt Brown, who is helping lead the national team for oil and natural gas transmission and storage projects for Burns & McDonnell out of the Houston office. “Our terminals and pipelines team was already very strong and, with the addition of these key individuals, we further bolster our project capacity while adding tremendous cross country pipeline capabilities.” 

Even though the pace of oil and gas production from various shale formations has slowed, the demand for transmission and storage infrastructure capacity is still strong. Some projects have been delayed; however, the need for oil and natural gas infrastructure continues, partially due to the shift in the electric power industry toward natural gas-fired generation. Additionally, global oil and gas trading patterns continue to shift, creating a growing need for storage and terminal facilities. Oil and gas storage terminals for both imports and exports are springing up throughout the world, as North America experiences a dramatic increase in production and energy-hungry Asia continues to increase its oil and gas imports.

“There are many economic factors driving various needs for more robust pipeline and storage infrastructure and this trend will continue for some time to come,” Brown says. “We’re being very strategic by adding specific individuals to help grow this sector of the market and expect further growth to our team within key strategic regions throughout the country.”

Adcock, Wilkerson, Glesne and McFarland are experienced with EPC project delivery capabilities. All have managed large-scale liquid and natural gas pipeline and storage projects in a variety of geographies. Burns & McDonnell is recognized as a leader in the EPC project delivery method, which clients increasingly look for because of EPC’s ability to deliver greater schedule and cost certainty.

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