Burns & McDonnell Adds Environmental Scientist for Studies and Pipelines Permitting
Burns & McDonnell Adds Environmental Scientist for Studies and Pipelines Permitting
Burns & McDonnell Adds Environmental Scientist for Studies and Pipelines Permitting
12/08/2016 1 minute read

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KANSAS CITY, Missouri (Dec. 8, 2016) — Darren Bishop, a project manager with more than 16 years of experience on infrastructure projects in the U.S. and abroad, has joined Burns & McDonnell in the firm’s Environmental Studies & Permitting Group.

Darren Bishop, Burns & McDonnell

Bishop will manage planning, permitting and construction management work for clients proposing energy infrastructure projects such as pipelines, solar and wind facilities, and transmission lines. He also will serve as the lead environmental scientist on projects with the Department of Defense.

“Darren has played a key role in developing energy infrastructure projects throughout the United States and has led projects in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Brazil,” says Mark Van Dyne, vice president of Environmental Studies & Permitting Group. “His perspective as a scientist, paired with his experience in planning, permitting and managing regionally significant construction projects will truly benefit every one of our clients.”

During the past eight years, Bishop has served as project manager for permitting and environmental studies on nearly 50 energy infrastructure projects, including nuclear, natural gas, solar, wind, petroleum, electrical transmission and carbon dioxide transport projects. For several years he worked on permitting and field surveys for a proposed nuclear facility, including as field coordinator on delineations for more than 2,000 acres of mitigation wetlands. Certified as a Professional Wetland Scientist, he’s previously teamed with scientists and engineers on large-scale restoration of wetland and upland habitats, plus associated ecological assessments and water quality projects.

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Bishop will be working with clients throughout the region and nationwide. He’s excited to be joining a firm that is experienced in environmental permitting, 100 percent employee-owned and driven by a client-first culture. 

“As owners, if one of us succeeds we all succeed,” Bishop says. “That’s true for all of us, but it’s especially true for meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs. It’s all about making our clients successful.”

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