Recreating the Passenger Experience

Let’s face it, airports are busy. And they are only going to get busier.

As capacity growth across the world begins to have an adverse effect on passenger experience, airports and airlines are looking for new ways to make their facilities and services more functional. 

We’re always on the lookout for changes to the industry and tactics we can employ to improve the overall passenger experience. From optimization of each airlines’ rented space to more efficient security — even better hangar and gate design — our aim is to assist airports in preparing for a high-capacity future.

In the 2017 edition of our Aviation Special Report, we provide an insider view into industry trends and innovative solutions to tackle capacity changes — solutions that only start with on-point engineering and consulting.

David Yeamans, Burns & McDonnell

David Yeamans, President

Bret Pilney, Burns & McDonnell

Bret Pilney, Vice President

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