Living in an Innovation Neighborhood

The smart city movement is creating a vision for improved communities with updated infrastructure that caters to sustainability, new technology, cleanliness and convenience. With this push for more, innovation neighborhoods are popping up around the world. Here are some key factors to focus on while in pursuit of a smarter community.


For the first time in history, a majority of the world’s population is in cities — and this number is anticipated to grow to close to 70 percent by 2050, adding 2.5 billion people to our flourishing urban communities.


Using real-time monitoring of water usage or real-time control of stormwater and wastewater, smart infrastructure allows existing investments to be used in new and creative ways to save time and money.


With a digital network on a scalable platform, smart lighting not only can adapt to movement and improve visibility on the streets but also bring efficiency (and electricity savings) to entire communities.

Metering & Sensors

Information collected from smart meters and sensors can measure how much energy is used, water consumed and gas guzzled, informing decisions on city resources and community infrastructure.


Distributed energy resources — wind, solar, natural gas, electric vehicles and storage — can improve resiliency and sustainability for cities and consumers.


Automated buildings can regulate their core operations, including air conditioning, heating and lighting, to better coordinate electric grid loading and operations.


Intelligent transportation systems use info from integrated sensors and monitors to improve traffic flow, public transit and parking. Other upgrades to the road come in the form of streetcars and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


From home electronics to security, devices and systems are at risk of being compromised. Protect your most valuable assets, networks and systems with increased security measures.

High-Capacity Broadband

Underlying networking and broadband infrastructure allows users to take full advantage of the internet of things.

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Information from Cisco, Edison Electric Institute and IT Business Edge.

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