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As a global community, our growing needs in infrastructure upgrades, the revitalization of the energy market from the abundance of unleashed oil and natural gas, and generally strong economies make now a great time to build. The traditional design-bid-build model still works well in some markets, but in many others, it doesn’t.

Industries embracing a fully integrated team approach — where it makes sense — have found this approach produces quicker projects at relatively equal costs to the customer, and with a lot less effort. But this model does come with challenges: Did we pick the right team? Are we sure our price for the project is right? Is it competitive?

The rewards, however, can be equally as good. Results can save more than 20 percent on schedule, with a sole source responsible for delivering a remarkable product. To read more about the integrated team approach and how it’s being used today, go to our cover story.

During the construction process, other efficiencies are gained on a per-project basis through the implementation of methods spanning from program management to modularization. But it also helps to have a premier industrial construction company that can enhance the ability to complete projects safely, on schedule and on budget. Learn more about AZCO.

Our customers and our communities expect and deserve streamlined methods — and engaged team members — that address challenges upfront to deliver seamless, predictable outcomes. Let’s continue working together to carve out well-defined and highly efficient pathways to strengthen construction productivity. Taking it one well-organized project at a time, we’re making progress.

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