Aviation Special Report, 2010
Aviation Special Report, 2010
Aviation Special Report, 2010
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Sustainability is a buzzword, and partnership has many meanings. But combined, they stand for so much more than being green. This edition of the Aviation Special Report is all about the sustainable partnerships Burns & McDonnell builds with every client in the aviation industry.

Case Study: Commitment to Partnership Elevates Performance

The partnership between Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air and Burns & McDonnell demonstrates how a clear, upfront commitment promotes economic growth, social development and environmental stewardship.

Fuel Consortia: A 30-Year Success Story

Consortia offer an opportunity for airlines to work together, along with airport management, to manage collective activities more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Relieving Economic and Environmental Pressures with Energy Efficiency

The Burns & McDonnell OnSite Energy & Power Group works with airports around the country to optimize operations and reduce GHG production.

Sustainable Energy Management Through Performance Contracting

An energy savings performance contract is a project delivery method in which a single contract provider executes both the turnkey implementation of energy-efficiency measures and a measurement and verification process to track project performance.

Sustainable Partnerships: A Comprehensive View

Sustainability is a hot buzzword, and partnership has many meanings. But combined, they stand for so much more than being green.

Sustainable Partnerships Pay Off in Times of Financial Uncertainty

At Burns & McDonnell, a partnership is more than just collaboration. It meshes two entities to create a stronger team and smarter solutions that result in better facilities that withstand the test of time.

Sustaining Performance and Function of Technology Systems

Burns & McDonnell delivers technology systems for its clients through Integrated Technology Project Delivery, providing a vendor-independent review and selection process.

The Consortium Model

In the battle against rising facility operations and maintenance costs, consortiums can provide significant benefits. Many owners have improved existing facilities, reduced operating costs, modernized systems and increased efficiency of operations.

The Sustainable Giant Shoebox

As airlines take a hard look at insourcing maintenance operations, they're also looking at how to increase sustainability in hangars.