Aviation Special Report, 2012
Aviation Special Report, 2012
Aviation Special Report, 2012
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The 2012 Aviation Special Report examines the ways Burns & McDonnell can instill critical flexibility in airport project planning, design and construction — because success is directly linked to the ability to adapt.

Adaptability at the Gate

Careful consideration and planning during the conceptual design phase, paired with an experienced engineering team, can lead to a versatile and accessible passenger terminal layout that will last.

Changing Checkpoint Technology Requires Design Evolution

Products and design and construction methods need to adapt to technology's high churn rate to make it easier to reconfigure checkpoints, ticket counters and self-service kiosks.

Expanding Facilities with Style

When a 10-year-old passenger terminal designed for 175 flights per day is now serving 300 flights per day — challenging the delivery of high levels of customer service — expansion is the next step.

Flexibility Starts with Design-Build

In today's fast-paced aviation environment, it is often necessary to deliver your project as soon as possible to support your mission. An integrated design-build approach can give you the flexibility to accomplish more of your goals.

Flexibility Takes Flight

Arrival and departure times fluctuate. Gates change. Flight plans are altered. Tenant, airline, concession and airport staff come and go. Passengers check in and depart. Clearly, air travel requires adaptability.

Staffing Alternatives on the International Scene

Today's international airport construction programs are expanding in scope and complexity while being subjected to greater demands for expedited completion.

Striking Balance in Hangar Design

The key to balancing hangar flexibility and efficiency in aircraft maintenance is to define the maintenance mission and provide the hangar bay design that best meets that mission.

Terminal Makeover: Renovate, Reconstruct or Just Start Over

When faced with aging passenger terminal, airfield infrastructure or aviation support facilities, airport operators need to evaluate the available options to meet changing facility requirements.