Aviation Special Report, 2014
Aviation Special Report, 2014
Aviation Special Report, 2014
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This issue outlines strategies for keeping your airport healthy — structural, operational and financial checkups that can provide a prescription for success.

Build Strength into Aging Facilities with Planning, Upgrades

With so many busy terminals approaching middle age, how do airports and airlines keep them operational while still giving them the much-needed upgrades they need to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding public?

Calm Chaos, Foster Efficiency with an Airport Operations Center

An airport operations center (AOC) improves collaborative decision making for airport operators by enabling command and control in a single location.

Capture Knowledge to Operate and Maintain Assets, Equipment

Information gathered now can help postpone or even prevent costly delays, repairs and replacements by giving personnel the data they need to make the right decisions, when and where they're needed.

Design Sustainability into Your Airfield Construction Project

Airports already provide transportation that is efficient, affordable, safe and convenient. They also can be sustainable.

Establish On-Site Utilities to Secure Critical Services

With more than 30 comprehensive energy master plans developed in the past decade for clients including airports, universities, and hospitals, the Burns & McDonnell master planning team works to optimize future energy infrastructure investment.

Generate Efficiency Through Airport Commissioning

Commissioning (Cx) a building is like a person going to the doctor for a checkup.

Operate and Maintain to Produce Healthy Savings and Service

When the subject is airport health, one could make the argument that facility/utility operation and maintenance (O&M) is the equivalent of diet and exercise.

Your Airport's Health

Timely repairs, renovations and replacements are essential for keeping people, products and planes on the move safely, efficiently and effectively.

Your Airport's Heart: Fuel Pumping Facility

An airport's fueling system is analogous to a person's circulatory system. Fuel is the lifeblood supplied to aircraft.