Healthy Building in an Ill Economy
Healthy Building in an Ill Economy
Healthy Building in an Ill Economy
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The healthcare industry is discovering that it's not immune to the economic downturn and is reforming itself to remain on top of the political agenda. Staying competitive and relevant means success, and these systems should consider changes and catalysts in the industry.

In a time when both individuals and businesses are frightened by the economic decline, the healthcare industry is discovering that while it’s not immune to the downturn, it will be hurting less than other industries. And with healthcare reform rising to the top of the political agenda, in the years to come there may even be fewer uninsured patients and, therefore, more hospital bills paid.

The national crusade to find a cure for cancer is motivating investors to place more funding into cancer research. These dollars translate into the construction of new cancer research
and treatment facilities across the nation.

In order to stay competitive and relevant to patients and staff, hospitals should consider all catalysts of change in the industry. Read more about what’s motivating change in the healthcare sector and hospital design on page 9.

Burns & McDonnell can make building in today’s economy more affordable through energy efficiency and sustainable design. On page 15, read about how Shands Cancer Center
saves significant energy costs with its new on-site CHP plant.

Let’s work together to stimulate the economy, as we continue the forward momentum of healthcare.

Rick Keeler
Vice President and General Manager
Healthcare & Research Facilities Group

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