Driving Transportation
Driving Transportation
Driving Transportation
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The transportation practice at Burns & McDonnell is growing through the direction provided by Ben Biller, who wishes to expand throughout the United States to take on bigger projects and more hires.

Ben Biller knows where he wants to take the transportation practice at Burns & McDonnell. And he knows exactly how he’s going to get there.

“Burns & McDonnell does great things here — we have all the right ingredients to grow our transportation group,” Biller says. “Geographically, we intend to expand the practice throughout the United States, wherever major transportation needs exist. Along with that is bringing all the services we’ve always offered into the spotlight a little more.”

That kind of drive and confidence is an ingrained quality after nearly 30 years designing and building transportation infrastructure, and it’s why he was brought on to head up the transportation practice.

“As our nation inevitably demands improvements to its transportation system, we must be ready to meet that demand,” says Jim Foil, senior vice president and general manager of the Burns & McDonnell Infrastructure Group, which includes the transportation practice. “Ben Biller has a proven record of having developed and managed a world-class transportation engineering services business. We believe he can take the substantial capabilities of Burns & McDonnell and deliver the next generation of world-class engineering and construction services in the transportation industry.”

Biller’s focus lies partially on making sure clients and prospects know Burns & McDonnell is their top choice for key transportation projects. The firm appreciates its clients, and no matter how big or small the official role, Burns & McDonnell makes it a point to understand the entire scope of the project in order to deliver superior service.

“Building relationships means building trust with clients and a better understanding of their needs. That means a job done to their standards, built within their budgets and built to last,” Biller says.

That’s exactly where Biller wants Burns & McDonnell positioned, and it will be confirmed through client feedback, which completes the circle of growing relationships. Maintaining open communication with the client beyond project completion is a Burns & McDonnell standard. Biller wants to take it a step further by bringing less-obvious services to the forefront of the firm’s offerings.

The foundation of Biller’s plan is twofold — his 27-year career based on sound, technical managerial leadership and the employee-owners at Burns & McDonnell. Add to that the greater scope of what the transportation practice plans to offer, and it leads to natural growth — as many as 300 new hires over the next 3 1/2 years.

Biller has grown a similar practice before. He says the same thing that made his vision successful then — the talent among the employees — also will make Burns & McDonnell shine in its new positioning in the transportation industry.

“I’ve worked with great leaders who have shown me how to grow a practice,” Biller says. “I’m not afraid to seek out people who are smarter or better than me — I’ve learned to just get out of their way. Because great success starts with great people, not one great person. No one does it alone.”

Contact Ben Biller at 816-822-3479.

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