Designing Security
Designing Security
Designing Security
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The latest and greatest technology isn't the only thing that interests the security services team at Burns & McDonnell. Information about threats and threat environments are the focus, engaging the entire project team.

When the members of the Burns & McDonnell Global Security Services (GSS) Group think about safety and security, they aren’t just thinking about the latest and greatest technology. While technology is key as information and facility threats become more sophisticated, incorporating the services of the GSS Group early in the project can enhance overall design and client satisfaction.

GSS Director Steve Brown is leading the group in its mission to secure clients’ success at any point in the project life cycle.

“We strive to engage the entire project team in addressing security through design that is environmentally acceptable and welcoming for the facility owner and effective against threats without producing the stereotypical cold, high-cost, high-maintenance designs one might normally associate with security,” Brown says.

The GSS Group works closely with project design teams to evaluate vulnerabilities ranging from the points of approach to a facility to unauthorized access of the network system. “When the GSS Group is brought into a project early on in the design process, we can examine and resolve security issues that could impact design down the road,” says R.J. Hope, senior physical security analyst for Burns & McDonnell. “Many of the solutions can be low cost but effective, so security doesn’t become an afterthought.”

Designing and installing security measures after a facility is built can mean costly retrofits for the owner. Incorporating security into the earliest design stages also supports adherence to security-related design criteria for the U.S. departments of Defense, Energy, Homeland Security and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, among others.

“We all bring something unique to the team,” Hope says. “It’s a really good mix to see that we’re providing the best service to our clients.”

Steve Brown, CPP
Director, Global Security Services
Brown has more than 20 years of corporate security experience, specializing in security policy, procedures and training. As director, Brown oversees security consulting services for both private and federal clients and physical security initiatives for the company. He is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP).

Robert (R.J.) Hope, CPP, ABCP
Senior Physical Security Analyst
Hope serves as a project manager and security analyst, providing leadership in physical security for public and private organizations. He is a CPP and an Associate Business Continuity Planner (ABCP).

Vince Aragon
Senior Physical Security Analyst
Aragon provides exclusive leadership in electronic security system design and integration combined with holistic physical security planning. Aragon employs a current, practical knowledge of video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection systems and their deployment in multi-platform security systems.

Robert (Bob) Reese, CISSP, CPA
Senior Enterprise Security Analyst
Reese has served as a project manager, systems administrator and as a director of global information security. He is an active contributor to information security initiatives within the company and has developed ISO 27001-based security policies; developed and implemented security assessment methodologies for new company acquisition integration; performed security vulnerability scans; and designed and implemented enterprisewide global security policies, controls and processes. Reese is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Dale Braathen, CISSP
Senior Enterprise Security Analyst, Project Engineer
Braathen has more than 15 years of experience serving both private and federal clients. He is knowledgeable in the design and deployment of local area networks/wide area networks, converged networks, network security and physical security. Braathen is disciplined in network convergence, IP and wireless networks, system integration, and public safety systems. Braathen is a CISSP.

Mike Monahan
Security Analyst and Quality Review Manager
Monahan provides security consulting and analysis services to critical infrastructure clients, system design requirements for requests for proposals, detailed design documents for international clients, and on-site implementation assistance. He manages quality objectives for all security projects, checking that all objectives are met and the deliverables meet the standards on which Burns & McDonnell has earned its reputation.

For more information, contact Steve Brown, 816-349-6754.

Case Study

G.S. Robins of St. Louis needed help complying with the new Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) mandated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The chemical distributor had a short time frame, and the steps could have been costly.

Feeling it lacked the necessary knowledge and experience to address all the specific requirements, G.S. Robins and Co. turned to Burns & McDonnell.

The Global Security Services Group leveraged security measures G.S. Robins had in place, limiting necessary changes to just two within its warehouse and distribution operations. With the changes, G.S. Robins also revised security and personnel procedures.

“The Burns & McDonnell security team thoroughly assessed our existing vulnerabilities to potential threats and, with creative insight and analysis, helped us mitigate those threats at a reasonable cost,” says Matt Fridley, G.S. Robins security manager.

G.S. Robins tightened its security posture, while enabling continuity of business operations and providing a safe and secure working environment for its employees and inventory. The project was delivered on budget and met the time requirements mandated by the CFATS regulations.

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