BenchMark, 2010 No. 4
BenchMark, 2010 No. 4
BenchMark, 2010 No. 4
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Environmental disasters such as oil spills will have a lasting impact on project delivery and energy use. In this issue, we outline our mission to become a part of our client's teams, delivering projects that help the environment and meet energy needs.

BenchMark 2010 No. 4: Feature Projects

Basin Electric Power Cooperative emissions control system; Riverton wastewater treatment plant upgrade; Murphy Oil refinery upgrades for ultra-low sulfur diesel production/benzene reduction; Chicago Department of Transportation Grand and State subway.

BenchMark 2010 No. 4: News in Brief

Completed project improves safety at nuclear plant; U.S. 75 expansion for TxDOT; Court approves consent decree for overflow control program.

Crises Prove Consultants' Worth

Environmental disasters such as oil spills will have a lasting impact on the way we meet our energy needs and on the way we live. As a consultant, meeting our mission through becoming a part of our client's team, we help make the world a better place.

Crossing the Line

Rising costs and increased demand have plagued utilities over the past two decades, taking focus away from monitoring rights-of-way for encroachments. As a result, incipient encroachments have appeared and become significant issues.

How It Works: Public Involvement on Transmission Line Projects

Public involvement allows the public to feel empowered and involved in a project that might affect their immediate community. Open communication between residents, project teams and community leaders prevents issues.

Making the Right Call

Wes Hardin has found himself in a position as an innovator, providing projects with management software in the form of OneTouchPM, Burns & McDonnell's integrated 3-D program management tool.

Renewable Refining

Biorefining allows manufacturers to create sustainable, renewable, high-value end products from biomass. The end products have applications in gasoline, diesel and jet engine fuel, specialty chemicals, chemical intermediates, biodegradable plastics, pharmaceuticals, and other consumer products.

Tech Q&A: Solar Technology

Selecting the right photovoltaic solar technology for a utility-scale facility requires upfront decisions to optimize results and boost bottom line. Site location, PV module selection and holistic approach to output are important to continued success.

Two Decades, One Plan

Industrial site cleanup, including groundwater extraction and treatment, began in the 1970s, and the EPA has continued to operate remediation systems for a Missouri National Priority List (NPL) site using pump-and-treat technology.

Wetland Banking

Swamps were once considered useless land. Today, we understand they are valuable habitats, stabilizing shorelines, cleansing groundwater and providing a buffer for flooding. Under the Clean Water Act, these areas are protected, and banking provides a way to keep them protected.

World-Class Spill Response

After the rupturing of a pipeline, quick cleanup and mitigation were required. In a partnership with Enbridge, our firm maximized efficiency and effectiveness through the use of OneTouchPM to manage the project.