BenchMark, 2012 No. 1
BenchMark, 2012 No. 1
BenchMark, 2012 No. 1
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Environmental, economic and market factors are driving the need to evaluate coal-fired power plants for potential decommissioning. This issue looks at how more than 180 units are slated for retirement, totaling more than 27 gigawatts of generation capacity.

Changing Power for the Future

The landscape of America's electric power production is changing: new technologies, new regulations, evolving fuel sources.

Decommissioning Drivers: New and Pending Regulations

Finalized in July 2011, the EPA's CSAPR requires 27 states to significantly improve air quality by reducing power plant emissions that cross state lines and contribute to ozone and fine particle pollution in other states.

From Tortoises to Transmission Lines

A project manager in the Burns & McDonnell Environmental Studies & Permitting Group specializes in an unexpected field: transmission line routing.

How It Works: Lean Six Sigma

Lean and Six Sigma are two of the most common disciplines in the business management practice of continuous improvement. They can generate substantial transformational performance improvement.

In-House News: Focus on Transportation, Water

To help solve the nation's growing water and transportation system problems, Burns & McDonnell shifts its resources.

Making the (Rate) Case: Tampa Electric

A look at how one utility put its required regular decommissioning report to support a change in depreciation rates.

Mission: Honor and Respect

The Armed Forces Reserve Center in Bentonville, Arkansas, is an energy efficient, consolidated facility.

New Water Security Regulations

Utilities urged to communicate with state agencies, federal representatives regarding risk reduction.

Power for the Ages

Georgia Power substation relay improvements make way for smarter energy solutions.

Power Plant Decommissioning: A Noble Past, Many Possible Futures

The coal-fired power plants throughout the United States are aging and are long overdue for an upgrade. With regulatory compliance looming, the decision to retrofit or decommission is becoming more real for these utilities.

Technical Q&A: Dynamic Pricing for Electric Utilities

Dynamic pricing reflects utilities' actual costs more accurately than traditional rates. With dynamic pricing, electric rates can aim to recover costs and meet defined goals.

The Chocolate Room

Burns & McDonnell keeps sweet treat secret while providing design-build services.

Transferring Green Power Between Grids

The TresAmigas SuperStation, Clovis, New Mexico, will be the first power transmission hub to link the country's three primary electric grids.

Vermillion Rises Again

A former chemical weapons depot has been redeveloped into a developer's dream, ready-made with utilities, a water supply and transportation access, all from a single owner.