BenchMark, 2012 No. 2
BenchMark, 2012 No. 2
BenchMark, 2012 No. 2
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Cities across the United States face challenges in bringing their sewer and stormwater systems up to Environmental Protection Agency standards. This issue looks at the overflow control programs (OCPs) being implemented require time and innovation.

Building with Beetles and Birds

Environmental monitors help clients keep construction projects in compliance and moving forward.

Burns & McDonnell Earns ACEC Honors

The Kansas Airspace Awareness Tool and the Thermal Energy Corp. Master Plan Implementation project earned Honor Awards at the 2012 National ACEC Engineering Excellence Gala.

Coming Down the Pipe

As part of an effort to standardize one-call systems, exemptions from one-call notification will be prohibited beginning in 2014 as a condition of a state's PHMSA grants.

Controlling the Flow

Cities find innovative ways to implement overflow control programs.

Cross Country Construction

Ray Schieferecke goes where he's needed to build trust and success for clients — big and small.

How It Works: Reauthorization Acts

Companies involved in the transportation of natural gas or potentially hazardous liquids should carefully monitor the regulatory activities over the next several months.

Missouri ACEC Awards Firm Dual Grand Conceptor Awards

The ACEC Missouri Chapter presented its Grand Conceptor Award to two Burns & McDonnell projects, marking the first time it has award dual honors.

Rebuilding Hope Through a New Hospital

St. John's Mercy Hospital in Joplin, Missouri, turned to Burns & McDonnell for help with one of its most critical needs after a deadly tornado struck in May 2011 — building an interim hospital.

Safety Corner: Safety at the Forefront of Asbestos Remediation

Building owners need to use EPA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act-accredited asbestos professionals to inspect for, contain and remediate asbestos.

Solutions for Cities

In the U.S., wastewater and stormwater infrastructure is aging — and often unable to keep pace with the demands placed on it.

SPIDERS: Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security

SPIDERS represents the latest Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) project involving the Department of Energy, Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Homeland Security.

Technical Q&A: Scaling Up Biorefining

Biorefining is increasingly incorporated into manufacturing portfolios. In order to scale up a pilot to commercial production, you must fully vet and understand the process you plan to use in your biorefining plant.

Transportation Construction Management

The Chisholm Trail parkway toll road project is another major Burns & McDonnell undertaking.

World-Class Headquarters Completes Military Campus

U.S. Central Command Headquarters finishes a $225 million expansion of the unit's Florida campus — the largest military project ever completed by Burns & McDonnell.