Integrated Reporting with LUV
Integrated Reporting with LUV
Integrated Reporting with LUV
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For the fourth consecutive year, Burns & McDonnell assisted Southwest Airlines in creating its corporate sustainability report.

In May 2012, Southwest Airlines published its third annual integrated report — 2011 Southwest Airlines One Report™ — that focuses on its triple bottom line of performance, people and planet. The 2011 One Report achieved a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) B+ application level.

For the fourth consecutive year, Burns & McDonnell assisted Southwest Airlines in creating its corporate sustainability report. For the 2011 One Report, Burns & McDonnell assisted with content development, conducted a greenhouse gas inventory, helped Southwest Airlines comply with the GRI and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) guidelines, assured the 2011 Southwest Airlines One ReportTM and coordinated with the web design contractor, Curran & Connors.

While Southwest Airlines has responded to the CDP information request in years past, the 2011 One Report is its first report to feature a combined GRI and CDP index for easier access to information stakeholders are seeking. For a quick overview of the data covered in each section, the 2011 One Report incorporates a by-the-numbers table for each aspect of the triple bottom line. Enhanced infographics throughout the report help stakeholders understand trends at a glance, and the new build-your-own-report feature allows custom report creation, downloadable as a PDF. Through social media sharing built into the report, visitors can easily share information from the 2011 One Report with their networks.

"I see our award-winning One Report as a competitive advantage," says Marilee McInnis, senior manager of community at Southwest Airlines. "As a transparent representation of our triple bottom line, our One Report integrates what our stakeholders want to know about our performance, our people and our planet."

Southwest Airlines has received positive feedback on its award-winning One Report from various stakeholder groups, including being featured for its innovative integrated reporting in a Harvard Business Review case study in 2010.

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What is the Global Reporting Initiative?

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an internationally recognized framework for sustainability reporting that allows a consistent comparison across companies' economic, social and environmental activities.

The fourth generation of the GRI framework (G4) is in development and available for public comment through Sept. 25. 

For more information about GRI, visit or contact Matt Cox, 816-822-3299.

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