BenchMark, 2012 No. 4
BenchMark, 2012 No. 4
BenchMark, 2012 No. 4
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Wireless devices are helping to trace, track and tabulate project work faster and more accurately than ever. This issue looks at how technology adds value to the planning, design and construction of steadfast and sedentary projects.

A Touch of Technology

At Burns & McDonnell, we've implemented some real-time, touch-screen applications that are delivering cost savings, process efficiencies and improved data management to our clients.

Burns & McDonnell Chicago Selected by Illinois Tollway

The Burns & McDonnell Chicago office won its third corridor construction management role from the Illinois Tollway in September.

Filling a Void

Project uses sonar, sand to stabilize old Carey Salt mining caverns in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Fresh Approach Fuels Fix for Old Problem

A benzene-conversion project uses new technology and innovative project management to reach completion in just 13 months.

Going Mobile

Wireless devices help trace, track and tabulate work — faster and more accurately than ever. Their use adds value to the planning, design and construction process for some of the most steadfast and sedentary projects on the planet.

How It Works: Military Munitions Support Services - Protecting Against the Past

Careful mitigation measures are essential for dealing with munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) or other left-behind material that could pose an explosive threat.

In-House News: Mike Talboy Brings Experience, Passion to Government Affairs

When a project runs into bureaucracy, headaches almost inevitably ensue. But Burns & McDonnell has made a significant addition to help ease the pain.

'iSilo' App Mobilizes Data for Missile Sites' Demise

iPad technology is helping to document the equipment and facilities to be decommissioned at missile silos across the west.

Light Rail, Heavy Improvements

Westminster, Colo., waterline project accommodates community growth with critical infrastructure.

Moving on Up

Tony Kimmey is looking for a bigger piece of the transportation pie in Texas.

Sunrise Powerlink Project Wins ENR California Prize

San Diego Gas & Electric's Sunrise Powerlink Project is ENR California's 2012 Best Civil Works/Infrastructure Project.

Technical Q&A: Staying Cool, Comfortable at the Gate

A: How do you properly size preconditioned air (PCA) systems for aircraft gates?

Tight Fit for a Retrofit

Cooper Station project overcomes karst topography in completing challenging air quality control system upgrade.

Tiny Shells Causing Big Problems

Cities seek help in mitigating the problems caused by pesky mollusks migrating to the Midwest, threatening public water supplies and waterways.

Transportation Group Wins Trifecta of Bridge Projects

The Burns & McDonnell Transportation Group has been selected to design the Daniel Boone Bridge; to complete first phase final design on the Lewis & Clark Viaduct; and to complete an EIS for U.S. 69 bridges.

Welcome to the New Order

FERC Order 1000 shakes up the electric transmission industry.