BenchMark, 2013 No. 1
BenchMark, 2013 No. 1
BenchMark, 2013 No. 1
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Landfill gas is fulfilling a renewable energy market need by providing an abundant, consistent source for baseload electricity. Landfill gas-to-energy projects such as those featured in this issue are popping up across the country as methane is diverted to address energy needs.

A New Chapter: Pioneering Leader Hands Over the Reins

With his retirement in December 2012 after a distinguished four-decade career, Walt Womack has handed over the duties of leading the largest division of Burns & McDonnell to John Olander.

Countdown to Destruction

Fifty years ago, a young engineer at Burns & McDonnell helped pinpoint locations for Minuteman missile silos. Now a handful of the firm's professionals are finishing up another set of plans.

Demonstrating a Battery's Benefits

Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) is demonstrating several smart grid technologies in its Innovation Park in midtown Kansas City, Mo. Burns & McDonnell has provided overall project management and technical support.

Diagnosis: Redesign

Expansions, retrofits and renovations to various units of the original hospital have helped doctors, nurses and other caregivers do their jobs better, increasing patient satisfaction.

EPA Issues Final Ruling on Industrial and Institutional Boiler Emissions Standards

After years of legal challenges and debate, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued its final ruling on emissions requirements for power houses operated by universities and industrial facilities.

Everything Gets Bigger in Texas

Burns & McDonnell was selected to prepare plans, specifications and estimates to improve and expand a 2.4-mile portion of U.S. 75, a major artery between Dallas and the bustling northern suburbs in Collin County.

Food Processing Automation: Faster. Better. Safer.

Fewer crumbs is one tangible result of the investments many food processors are making in automation, continuous improvement programs and other efforts to improve product quality and reduce production costs.

How It Works: 3-D Software Provides Unparalleled Design Power from Every Angle

Burns & McDonnell is among the first domestic firms to use 3-D programs to design electrical substations, empowered by clients who welcome the time savings, reduced costs and improved accuracy.

In-House News: Scott Newland Brings Big Project Success to the Big City

Four moves and 14 years later, Scott Newland has finally found a home to stay in Chicago.

In-House News: Sharp Focus on Facilities

Burns & McDonnell has developed a depth and breadth of experience in the area of campus facilities and recently focused our internal corporate structure to optimize service to the full range of facilities clients.

Powerful Options

Among the most reliable of supplemental sources is landfill gas. As coal, natural gas and nuclear power remain the primary ways to meet large-scale energy needs, utilities continue working to locate, understand and capitalize on other resources to broaden the power supply spectrum.

Technical Q&A: New Evaluation Approach

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to issue new guidance documents later this year. The most obvious change is that the guidance will be separated into two documents by chemical class.

Turning Waste to Power

Society's castoffs — landfill trash — can fuel revenue generation and environmental protection through green energy.