BenchMark, 2013 No. 2
BenchMark, 2013 No. 2
BenchMark, 2013 No. 2
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An integrated approach to architectural design helps create valuable, performing assets that serve the client's purposes. This issue looks at architectural projects ranging from commercial clients to higher education, the military and beyond.

Better by Design

Building design can run the gamut from standard to singular. Some popular architects even develop an iconic look, a language all their own. Burns & McDonnell architects pride themselves instead on creating outstanding structures whose primary purpose is to express and enhance the client's objectives.

Casino and City Win with Design-Build

Working with city engineers and plant operators, the project team not only met accelerated deadlines but also devised operational changes to accommodate temporary wastewater demands.

Designs on Architectural Excellence

There's striking architecture, and then there's striking, effective architecture. Half of the beauty comes from helping clients figure out what they need, then making it accessible and practical.

Grading the Smart Grid

Today's power distribution systems have entered a new era of reliability made possible by increased automation, better communication and the self-healing potential of new smart grid technologies.

How It Works: Natural Gas Liquids Recovery in Gas Plants

Natural gas burns cleaner and more efficiently than the more traditional petroleum fuel types. It can be used for many of the same amenities we rely on every day and is currently much cheaper than its petroleum counterpart.

In-House News: Sustainability Certification for Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects in line for sustainability credentials have been something of a square peg tapping at the round hole of the LEED program.

Managing a Major Municipal Renovation

Burns & McDonnell serves as owner's representative and construction manager for the city of Blue Springs, Mo.

Piping In

New rules from Congress require material strength testing regulations on pipelines nationwide.

Powerful Project

Burns & McDonnell provided design, utility master planning and construction administration services for a new central utility plant (CUP), which will provide all essential thermal, electric, water and emergency utilities for the new Parkland Hospital.

Safety Corner: Planning Ahead for Safety Measures Reduces Health Risks, Saves Money

Planning ahead for industrial hygiene risks within the initial project plan can help mitigate future problems down the road.

Strong Partnerships

One of the biggest vulnerabilities of a military installation is a physical attack or cyberattack on power infrastructure.

Surveys Track Bats for Wind Turbines

Bats require an atypical approach when being studied to predict the impacts of a new wind farm. The right equipment includes ultrasonic microphones to record the animals' echolocation.

Technical Q&A: Effluent Limitation Guidelines

While EPA issued its Effluent Limitations Guidelines and says these regulations will have minimal impact on most power plants, some modifications may still be required.

The Art of the Science Exhibit

Burns & McDonnell creates interactive science and technology exhibit based on winning concept from Battle of the Brains competition.

Upgrades Bring Big Results

To meet the new Department of Natural Resources discharge limits, the city of Harrisonville, Missouri, set out to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant.