Managing a Major Municipal Renovation
Managing a Major Municipal Renovation
Managing a Major Municipal Renovation
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Burns & McDonnell serves as owner's representative and construction manager for the city of Blue Springs, Mo.

Not every project is as massive as a military headquarters building, but that doesn't make it less important. The city of Blue Springs, Mo., selected Burns & McDonnell to serve as its owner's representative and construction manager for a dramatic expansion of the Howard L. Brown Public Safety Building.

"We're leading and managing the project for the city," says Neal Angrisano, associate architect and project manager. "We're being a project process and technical resource, doing peer reviews of the design and documentation as it is produced. And we will be representing the owner once construction begins."

The Public Safety Building, originally built in 1987, houses the city police operations, emergency dispatch and the municipal court, which doubles as the city council's meeting place.

"Security is a big issue for both the building and the site," Angrisano says. "It's a secure building, but it needs to be welcoming and inviting to the community as well, which makes for an interesting duality."

The current 25,000-square-foot building will undergo intensive renovations.

"We're really taking the existing building and stripping it to a shell," Angrisano says. "All systems are being replaced, along with interior walls and partitions."

All told, the project includes 40,000 to 50,000 square feet of new space in addition to the existing structure. Burns & McDonnell is working on site development and helping acquire and prepare two off-site parking areas to support the expanded facility.

"Having the knowledge and experience of Neal Angrisano and Wendy Hageman of Burns & McDonnell acting as our owner's representatives has allowed us the confidence of knowing that we weren't missing important factors that could impact our building expansion project," says Chief Wayne I. McCoy of the Blue Springs Police Department. "Their near-24/7 responsiveness to questions and issues has greatly enhanced our team effort to provide efficiency and quality for our community."

The team assisting the city includes architects, engineers, planners, estimators and schedulers. Burns & McDonnell is managing the selection process for consultants, providing cost estimating throughout the project, and will perform construction bid evaluation and management of the selected general contractor.

"While this project is not huge, it is of utmost importance to the city. We are delighted to be able to provide these comprehensive management and representative services to facilitate a quality process and ultimately a successful project," Angrisano says.

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