BenchMark, 2013 No. 3
BenchMark, 2013 No. 3
BenchMark, 2013 No. 3
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Evolving cybersecurity standards present a moving target to utilities seeking to safeguard critical assets. This issue examines how the electrical grid has changed to accommodate digital technologies, Internet-connected devices and smart computer networks.

A Changing Landscape

Cybersecurity is a complex and critical challenge for utilities, transmission and generation operators, and others with a stake in the U.S. power industry.

Beyond Cybersecurity

The blackout of August 2003 pointed out a glaring flaw in the nation's electric reliability standards: There were none. The North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) has since changed all that.

Building a Better Place for VA Dementia Patients

Renovations to the Colmery-O'Neil Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC) will make accommodations more comfortable for its residents living with dementia and Alzheimer's disease and provide greater convenience for employees.

Calm After the Storm

After the destruction of Superstorm Sandy, hundreds of thousands of residents along the East Coast were without power. Public Service Electric & Gas' (PSE&G) Sewaren Switching Station was hit especially hard.

How It Works: Energy Logistics

Keeping on top of natural gas prices is only one component of Burns & McDonnell's energy logistics service. It provides market insight and intelligence, and it introduces trending procurement and delivery strategies.

In-House News: Problem Solved

Engineers are problem solvers. Part of the job of the problem solver is to get the right minds on the job. At Burns & McDonnell, sometimes that means reaching out to academic partners who can bring specialized capabilities to a project.

Nuclear Training Site Gets a Facilities Boost

The Navy has made significant advancements in the development of the training program, and its student base has expanded.

Online Extra: More on NERC

Using LiDAR, hundreds of utilities are conducting aerial surveys of the 100-kV and greater transmission lines to collect data points.

Online Extra: Presidential Order 13636

In the next decade, there's a 1-in-10 chance that our nation's water supply, power grid, transportation system or other critical infrastructure will be hit by a cyberattack.

Onward: Communications Strategies Build Public Support for Projects on the Move

By maintaining an open dialogue with stakeholders, the community relations team establishes relationships that enhance a client's reputation.

Protecting the Grid

The fundamental problem facing the U.S. power industry is simple. It does what it was designed to do: generate and distribute electric power.

PublicWay Saves the Day

Communication is a problem because cities and utilities frequently don't share common software platforms that help coordinate these improvements.

Railroad Ties: Darwin Desen

While other popular modes of transportation for freight and commuter transit are feeling the pinch of the economy, the rail industry is experiencing a resurgence.

Smooth Move

The construction schedule for the McClure Gas Processing Plant was challenging already, but when the delivery of a metal vessel that is 8 feet longer and three times heavier than the space shuttle, it becomes even more pronounced.

Technical Q&A: Chemical Storage Safety

Before designing a new plant or making changes to an existing one, it is important to understand which codes, standards and regulations apply.