BenchMark, 2014 No. 1
BenchMark, 2014 No. 1
BenchMark, 2014 No. 1
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The nuclear community in the United States works with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to implement beyond-design-basis measures that aim to strengthen safety in the wake of the Fukushima disaster. This issue explores some of those measures.

Building on Success

Scott Clark pursues "giant step forward" for the Dallas-Fort Worth and the Raleigh, North Carolina, offices.

How It Works: Biological Treatment of Selenium

An essential nutrient in trace amounts, selenium has become a significant regulatory concern, particularly in the fossil fuel and mining industries.

New Boone Bridge Comes with Bonuses

The Missouri Department of Transportation encouraged bidders on the Daniel Boone Bridge project to offer project enhancements within the budget.

Port of Call: Los Angeles

The busy Port of Los Angeles employs energy management planning for reliable power supply.

Preparing for the Improbable

Nuclear community goes above and beyond-design-basis to strengthen safety measures.

Safety and Reliability

We'll help you take the next steps that get you where you need to go — safely and reliably.

Superior Sustainability for Squadron Operations

Replacing 1960s-vintage facilities is in order for the beddown for the Hawaii Air National Guard, with sustainability at the forefront of planning.

Technical Q&A: Pump Specs and Procurement

Each facility is designed to meet specific needs, so the things to consider when choosing the right pump can vary widely.

Think of It as LEED for Infrastructure

New Envision sustainability rating system focuses on water, power, transportation and industrial projects.