BenchMark, 2015 No. 1
BenchMark, 2015 No. 1
BenchMark, 2015 No. 1
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At the largest coal-fired generating plant in Kansas, with three 800-megawatt (MW) units on-site, the flue gas desulfurization system produces a thick byproduct that contains materials that can be toxic to the environment. This issue examines a successful pilot program for a constructed wetland treatment system for the wastewater.

A One-Stop Shop for Land Use Development

Permitting any project can be complex, requiring coordination at every phase. An integrated project team can simplify the navigation process.

Banking on Nature

Coal remains one of the most abundant energy sources in the world, but it requires advanced emission control technologies to be cleanly used for generating electricity.

Celebrating 25 Years of Burns & McDonnell in St. Louis

In 1989, Burns & McDonnell handed Kansas City business development director Bob Berry a one-way ticket to St. Louis, along with the challenge of establishing a regional office there.

Fuel for the Pacific Fleet

The new pump building provides a safe environment for maintenance, and the pumping and controls system offers operational capacity and flexibility not previously available for Point Loma.

How It Works: Testing in the Lab Makes for Faster Work in the Field

Burns & McDonnell has established several testing labs around the country to help find the ROI in new and emerging technologies.

Innovative Energy Solutions

Coal remains one of the most abundant energy sources in the world, and it's up to us to provide the most advanced technologies to cleanly generate electricity using that resource.

New Year Brings Changes to Board of Directors

Two new faces are joining the Burns & McDonnell Board of Directors. John Olander and Paul Fischer will serve in their board roles starting in 2015.

Removing Risk from the Real Estate Equation

To facilitate a sale, an increasing number of owners of contaminated property are implementing innovative risk transfer strategies that make it possible to reassign a property's environmental liabilities to a third party.

Safety Corner: Weekly Toolbox Talks Take Safety Beyond Job Sites

Process & Industrial Group leaders have begun conducting weekly "safety toolbox talks" in the office with the entire staff.

Small Particles, Big Project Empowering Search for Universal Answers

An integrated team created a durable and efficient building envelope outfitted with reliable systems and remote site services. The Fermilab facility — the NOvA Far Detector Building — supports the examination of how neutrinos behave.

Technical Q&A: Groundwater Monitoring

EPA's new coal ash rule requires the nation's affected coal-fired power plants — around 500 of them — to change the way they manage their CCRs.

Teeming with Teamwork

Dan Korinek proves that teamwork is a key factor is building a successful career.