BenchMark, 2016, No. 2
BenchMark, 2016, No. 2
BenchMark, 2016, No. 2
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Communities build brighter futures by engaging kids in creative STEM experiences. This issue explores how the next generation of engineers are being recruited to solve the world's most complex problems.

Drawing Power from Public Uses

Power lines, landfills and drainage projects do more than get the job done. They help build communities. Learn how utilities and other owners of large infrastructure are generating public trust.

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

New regulations often appear overwhelming. Maintaining community standards and protecting the public can come at a steep price or by way of a complicated path.

In-House News: Project Upgrades and Extensions Drive Growth in Canada

Burns & McDonnell expands its presence as utilities in Canada work to strengthen their infrastructure.

Meeting a Visionary Recycling Goal

McLeod County in Minnesota is one step closer to meeting the state's goal to recycle 75 percent of its solid waste by 2030 thanks to a new materials recovery facility.

News in Brief: Grid Modernization Work Generates No. 1 Rankings

With utilities working to create a stronger, more resilient grid that also can handle production of resources that generate low- or zero-carbon emissions, design firms are busy developing solutions.

News in Brief: Workplace Scores High for Gen Xers, Millennials

Burns & McDonnell is a Top 25 workplace for both Gen Xers and millennials, according to Fortune magazine.

Play It Safe This Summer and Stay Cool

Exposure to extreme summer heat can put workers’ health at risk. Taking some simple steps can help you stay cool and keep your work sites safe.

Preflight Safety Checks

Protecting the environment is a key part of building functional, sustainable and effective transmission and distribution lines. The Montana Electric Cooperatives' Association is taking environmental protection beyond federal, state and local re

Problem Solvers

By 2018 there will be 1.2 million job openings in STEM related fields in the United States and a significant shortage of applicants to fill them. Companies, non-profits and educational institutions are mobilizing to fill the gaps by engaging kids in creative STEM experiences in and outside of classrooms.

Problem-Solving with a Purpose

Burns & McDonnell is committed to making a difference with STEM education and looks forward to investments in STEM delivering valuable solutions into the future.

Technical Q&A: Using an Integrated Team to Conquer FERC Order 1000 Routing

FERC Order 1000 has changed the way routing studies for transmission and distribution lines are performed and has significantly shortened the length of time developers have to submit them.