In-House News: Project Upgrades and Extensions Drive Growth in Canada
In-House News: Project Upgrades and Extensions Drive Growth in Canada
In-House News: Project Upgrades and Extensions Drive Growth in Canada
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Burns & McDonnell expands its presence as utilities in Canada work to strengthen their infrastructure.

As utilities in Canada work to strengthen their infrastructure, Burns & McDonnell is expanding its presence to support current and future projects and initiatives.

The firm is gaining work with new clients and on new projects based on its previous successful project experience in Canada. An office in Toronto has been established to serve as the hub for five to seven years of program management for a utility’s major projects involving the electric grid in Ontario.

The program management will consist of a comprehensive suite of services, including project controls, scheduling, budgeting, estimating and quality assurance. Through efficient planning and use of project management tools, the goal will be for improved project delivery and, ultimately, benefits for ratepayers throughout the province.

The work also extends the firm’s reach, fulfilling needs of additional clients and communities. Burns & McDonnell plans to have several hundred Canadian employees working throughout the country by 2020.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to utilize our experience to further expand our profile in Canada,” says Greg Graves, chairman and CEO. “This gives us the chance to build upon our momentum by consistently delivering quality service to our projects and clients, providing new job opportunities along the way.”

With an existing office in Calgary and dozens of project sites across the country, Burns & McDonnell already has executed infrastructure projects totaling more than $5 billion during the past five years. While the focus is on strengthening the nation’s utility system, Canadian clients can access the firm’s full range of engineering, architecture and construction services across other sectors: power generation, electrical transmission and distribution, oil and gas, environmental, water, aviation, food and consumer products, transportation, industrial, engineer-procure-construct and more.

The firm’s completed projects in Canada include the Northwest Transmission Line, which delivers 287-kV service between a substation near Terrace, British Columbia, and a new substation near Bob Quinn Lake. The project runs for 342 km (212 miles), providing reliable power for communities and businesses along the way.

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