BenchMark, 2016, No. 3
BenchMark, 2016, No. 3
BenchMark, 2016, No. 3
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With existing water and wastewater infrastructure approaching the end of its design life, utilities are moving toward a longer-lasting framework that also sustains communities. This issue explores the growing sustainable infrastructure movement.

Coming Soon: Chinook Power Station in Saskatchewan Projects Off-Site Fabrication for On-Site Assembly

To meet existing regulations and integrate intermittent renewables, SaskPower in Canada will introduce the Chinook Power Station, a 350-megawatt natural gas-fired power facility, in late 2019.

The Evolution of the Daniel Boone Bridge

To accommodate more traffic than ever before, the Daniel Boone Bridge underwent an efficient design-build process in an accelerated time frame. Now, more lanes equal less congestion and happier St. Louis drivers.

The Growing Sustainable Water Infrastructure Movement

As water, wastewater and stormwater utilities across the nation continue to search for a way to manage regulations and community expectations, sustainable water infrastructure is one trending topic that continues to build steam.

New Technology Is Taking Off

Airports across the nation are turning to newer technology to provide a carefree travel experience for passengers. The complexity of that technology demands real-time efficiency and vision for the future.

Site Safety Requires Preplanning for Every Task, Every Time

Safety is everyone's job on the construction site. Making the completion of the pre-task assessments part of your crew's morning routine gets everyone on board and prepares you for an incident-free workday.

Sustaining Opportunity, Growing Success

Each city is uniquely different, yet our challenges are unilaterally shared. Growing infrastructure needs means that every dollar — and solution — must count.

Technical Q&A: What to Know When It Comes to Noise

Questions surrounding project construction and operation noise are on the rise because of increased public involvement and the availability of information on the internet — whether true or false.