Site Safety Requires Preplanning for Every Task, Every Time
Site Safety Requires Preplanning for Every Task, Every Time
Site Safety Requires Preplanning for Every Task, Every Time
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Safety is everyone's job on the construction site. Making the completion of the pre-task assessments part of your crew's morning routine gets everyone on board and prepares you for an incident-free workday.

For contractors, keeping safety in mind is the key to completing jobs on time and without incident. But safety on the job site takes more than just thinking safely — it means bringing the team together to prepare for the task before work even begins.

Pre-task analyses (PTAs) do just that. Completing a PTA is as important to the workday as having a well-rounded breakfast, providing the entire work crew with all the information they need to get the job done safely. 

“These plans are considered by the architecture, engineering and construction industry as essential to meeting the goal of safe and efficient work,” says Jamie Butler, vice president and director of Safety and Health at Burns & McDonnell. “They put everyone on the same page, keeping them informed of the hazards and working toward the same end result.”

The workday on any job site should begin by completing three forms: C-9, F-1 and C-10 (the actual PTA). These forms increase engagement in the safety process, enhance overall compliance with safety requirements and promote early hazard identification. 

  • C-9 — Documents all training, experience and qualifications possessed by everyone on the job site.
  • F-1 — Documents all inspections and equipment testing, making note of weight capacity and calculations for estimated material load for each task.
  • C-10 — Lists all work that will be performed during the day, as well as potential issues that could arise. It also lists actions to be taken to mitigate or eliminate potential hazards. 

Everyone on-site is part of these discussions and must sign the PTA. 

Making these practices part of the routine promotes a sense of inclusion and ownership for everyone, keeping them all aware of safety on the job site.

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