BenchMark, 2017 No. 2
BenchMark, 2017 No. 2
BenchMark, 2017 No. 2
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Using strategic, sustainable solutions, smart cities come to life by combining operational excellence with ambition for a better tomorrow. With this issue dedicated to city and community enhancement, we're connecting the dots for smarter living.

Cleaning Up Asset Intel for Smart City Appeal

Across all industries, data is at the heart of strategic decision-making. But when it comes at such a fast and furious pace, it can be hard to keep up.

Connecting the World, One Smart City at a Time

The term "smart city" — and what it means — has garnered worldwide interest in its potential to deliver a smarter, cleaner, safer future. It's an investment that cities and communities are choosing to make.

Empowering a Smart Community

For the Smart Grid Demonstration Project, KCP&L partnered with Burns & McDonnell to turn a regionally unique area in Kansas City, Missouri, into a controlled laboratory environment to test the impact of smart grid technologies.

Engineering Tomorrow's Workforce

Next-generation engineers possess a wide range of qualities that drive forward-thinking and innovation.

Getting Real With Augmented Reality

By adding a layer of digital information to our real-life experiences, augmented reality (AR) technologies will soon shift our attention from the screens in our hands to the world around us. Smart cities will harness the power of AR to communicate useful information to the public when and where it's needed.

John Talks Tech

On the technology front, there are a lot of new industry players, startups and emerging companies, so we're partnering with our clients and those emerging companies to work toward solutions that are deployable on a large scale.

Keep on Trucking

Real change in urban transportation will be driven by the growth of heavy-duty electric vehicles. How can smart cities, utilities, manufacturers and companies deliver the robust infrastructure needed to make smart transportation a reality?

Lights, Camera, Interaction!

There is a promising avenue for first steps into a brave new future of technology-driven safety innovations. It is so ubiquitous as to be nearly invisible to the average resident: streetlight poles.

Living in an Innovation Neighborhood

With a push for improved communities that offer sustainability, new technology, cleanliness and convenience, innovation neighborhoods — scalable building blocks that combine to form a smart city — are popping up all around the world. See

Securing the Future and the Internet of Things

Today's world is more connected than ever before, with printers, coffeemakers, thermostats and other devices that almost constantly are connected to the internet for convenience. But with this convenience comes risk.

The Big Switch

The convergence of stringent environmental regulations, changes in how we consume electricity and a proliferation of alternate energy sources are leading utilities to rethink where and how to power the electric distribution grid.

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