BenchMark, 2018 No. 1
BenchMark, 2018 No. 1
BenchMark, 2018 No. 1
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For years, construction productivity has been on the decline, hindering progress and improvements. It's time to pick up the pace by adopting an integrated team approach to streamline processes and increase efficiencies. This issue looks at how to shake up tradition on the job site.

Delivering Smarter, Faster, More Predictable Projects

As a global community, our growing needs in infrastructure upgrades, the revitalization of the energy market from the abundance of unleashed oil and natural gas, and generally strong economies make now a great time to build.

Disrupting the Norm With an Integrated Approach

Our current market is more disjointed and risk-averse than ever, with high customer expectations and the need to deliver predictable outcomes, free of surprises, for peace of mind.

Finding Value in Taking Control

The demand for construction services in a world of complexities means the practices of project management are more important than ever — and always open to scrutiny.

Making Labor Costs More Predictable

The current labor shortage is causing commotion in the construction industry. When it comes to design-build or other high-risk projects, firms occasionally opt for a formal labor study that looks at the local labor pool, current wages and competing projects to make sure those factors won't affect project progress.

More Talk, A Lot More Action

A new district office building and maintenance facility — brought to life through integrated design-build project delivery — preserve the legacy of an energy company with a long history of serving its community.

Nailing Seamless Program Management

From renovating multiple terminals at a busy commercial airport to overhauling the water infrastructure of an urban city, program management is a proven stress-reliever, saving time and money while reducing risk.

Play It Safe On-Site

Determining and tackling safety challenges on-site requires the right people and the right plan.

Prefab Can Be Fab

For some commercial projects, a new option is gaining ground: prefabricated building solutions, where building elements are constructed in a controlled environment off-site, then assembled on-site.

Randy's Insight On-Site

As president of the Construction/Design-Build Group at Burns & McDonnell, Randy Griffin and his team are responsible for safe, efficient and cost-effective project delivery.

Sparking Connections

The acquisition of AZCO, a premier industrial construction company, enhances the construction options for customers with complex heavy industrial facility projects.

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