Campus CHP System

Client: Duke Energy
Completion Date: 2019
Location: Clemson, South Carolina


We are providing engineering services for a 15-megawatt (MW)/100,000 pounds per hour of steam generated combined heat and power (CHP) facility for the Clemson University campus. The first project in Duke Energy's CHP program to receive regulatory approval, this facility will provide steam to the Clemson campus and power to the electric grid. 

The design includes a 15-MW combustion turbine and a supplementary-fired heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) also capable of being fresh-air fired. The system can operate in simple cycle using the HRSG bypass stack. In the event of a grid outage, the plant will have black-start capabilities and will operate in island mode to supply electricity and steam to the campus. 

We are also providing noise modeling services to address concerns of nearby residents.


  • Detailed design
  • Sound assessment
  • Procurement of engineering equipment not prepurchased by Duke Energy
  • Document control


  • Black start
  • Island mode
  • Interconnect with new adjacent Duke Energy substation
  • Designed to serve future campus steam turbine generator