Carlsbad Energy Center

Client: NRG
Completion Date: 2018
Location: Carlsbad, California


Burns & McDonnell and ARB Inc., in a joint venture named Carlsbad Power Constructors, was hired by NRG to provide engineer-procure-construct (EPC) services on a lump-sum, turnkey basis for a 527-MW simple-cycle gas-fired power facility. 

The Carlsbad Energy Center is part of the existing Encina Power Plant. The project consists of five General Electric LMS 100s in a simple-cycle configuration. The owner has entered into a long-term agreement with San Diego Gas & Electric to build, own and operate a new simple-cycle gas-fired power plant on an existing fuel oil tank farm adjacent to its Encina Generating Station. In turn, it will sell the electrical output and capacity to San Diego Gas & Electric. The existing plant will be retired when the project is complete, and the existing sources of natural gas, water and transmission takeaway capacity will support this project.

The owner has contracted with the General Electric (GE) to supply the major equipment, purchasing five LMS100-PA single-fuel combustion turbine generators (CTGs). Each machine will be equipped with inlet evaporative cooling, water injection for nitrogen oxide (NOx) control, high temperature dry intercooler (including a closed-loop cooling system and fin fan cooler), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst (including ammonia injection grid and ammonia flow control unit), carbon monoxide (CO) catalyst, tempering air fan to permit use of conventional catalyst, and a 90-foot-high stack.

Carlsbad Power Constructors is responsible for providing all equipment, materials and services required to design, construct and deliver a fully functioning and complete LMS 100 simple-cycle project. Control of the plant will be integrated into a plant control room with local equipment interfaces as required.

The electrical output from one of the CTGs will be connected to an existing 138-kV switchyard via two winding generator step-up transformers. The other four CTGs will be connected to an existing 230-kV switchyard via two winding generator step-up transformers.


  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Startup and commissioning


  • Brownfield site
  • Natural gas-fueled
  • 5 GE LMS 100-PA gas turbines
  • Hot SCR systems
  • Water coils