Cimarron Bend Wind Project

Client: Tradewind Energy
Location: Minneola, Kansas


As Tradewind Energy and Enel Green Power North America prepared to start construction of the second-largest wind farm in the flatlands of Kansas, they needed someone to take a close look over the territory in a short timeframe. We examined a lot of ground to keep our client covered.

The Cimarron Bend Wind Project will construct a new 400-MW wind farm in Clark and Ford counties in Kansas. Plans include construction of about 200 wind turbines, associated access roads and underground collection lines, substations, other related facilities and a 13.5-mile-long overhead transmission line.

With the beginning of construction rapidly approaching, the client came to us with an aggressive timeline for field studies: The proposed start date was within six weeks of our notice to proceed.

Our team proceeded to conduct a wetland delineation and Phase I cultural resources survey of the project’s extensive footprint, plus its buffer area. The field survey included nearly 5,000 acres.

Our wetland scientists, archaeologists and geographic information system (GIS) teams worked together to develop an automated progress update, which facilitated daily updates from the field. These updates included completed survey areas and any significant features identified that might require project revisions to avoid impacts.

This innovative approach allowed for design modifications on the fly and the ability to pre-emptively avoid potential permitting challenges. The surveys were completed on time, impacts to wetlands and cultural resources were avoided, and construction was able to begin on schedule.


  • Wetland delineation
  • Cultural resources surveys


  • 5,000 acres surveyed
  • 200 wind turbines
  • 6 weeks to complete field studies
  • 1.8 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions offset annually