Electric Utility Cost-of-Service Analysis & Distribution System Master Plan - Oakland

Client: Port of Oakland
Completion Date: 2016
Location: Oakland, California


The Port of Oakland contracted with our team to prepare an electric utility cost-of-service analysis for its maritime aviation division electric utility distribution systems. The study was executed in parallel with the electric utility master plan for the maritime area.

The port required that a cost-of-service and rate design study be executed concurrently to determine the appropriate revenue requirement and ultimately rates to be charged to retail customers. The study included:

  • Development of a detailed financial forecast of the port’s electric utility system.
  • Establishment of the annual revenue requirements and cost of service for each customer classification.
  • Design of retail rates for the port customer classifications.
  • Presentation of results.
The port was experiencing significant load growth due to new regulations and required an assessment of its distribution system’s ability to reliably service this load. The maritime electrical master plan included:
  • Development of a geospatial distribution system model to analyze the load and capabilities of the existing equipment.
  • Preparation of detailed future loads to be added to the system.
  • An analysis of the impact of the future loads to the existing system and identification of what upgrades are required.
  • Development of system upgrades needed to reliably provide service to existing and future loads.


  • Financial model development
  • Cost-of-service analysis
  • Retail electric rate design
  • Distribution system assessment
  • WindMil model development
  • Load forecast analysis
  • Transmission system impact analysis
  • System upgrades development