Science City: Every Last Drop / Genetics: Unlocking the Code

Client: Science City
Location: Kansas City, Missouri


The Burns & McDonnell Foundation has made science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education a major focus, investing $4.5 million in grant programs to support a thriving educational environment at Science City, Kansas City's science center. In 2014, an extensive team led by Burns & McDonnell architects, engineers and construction professionals spent more than 10 months building two exhibits that span more than 5,600 square feet and are valued at more than $1 million.

Every Last Drop is a visually stimulating exhibit featuring 18 unique components. The exhibit immerses visitors in all aspects of our relationship with water, such as the interaction between water and life, how we use water, and the impending danger of water scarcity.

Genetics: Unlock the Code is a 22-component exhibit designed to help visitors discover the science and wonder behind DNA. From the DNA Dance-Off and Duplication Station to Try-a-Trait and Trait Tree, visitors will experience the human genome one cell at a time.