Substation Asset Management Pilot Design

Client: Enmax Power
Completion Date: 2016
Location: Calgary, Alberta


We provided consulting services for Enmax Power Corp.’s substation asset management pilot design project. It included defining a pilot substation asset management program that will assess and demonstrate changes to asset management processes, data management and tools to transition to condition-based maintenance and improve asset performance to achieve quantifiable benefits.

We performed a thorough technical and economic evaluation of various components of substation asset management at Enmax's No. 162 substation. We worked to:

  • Document an inventory of all existing assets and associated sensing or data reporting capabilities already within the substation
  • Identify candidate monitoring sensors and software that Enmax may consider
  • Provide a comparison and evaluation of selected sensors and software

The scope of work included cost-estimating and schedule definition for pilot implementation. We also estimated the value of targeted benefits in the pilot and incorporated them into a cost-benefit analysis and justification. Results of this development phase were captured in a summary report for sharing concepts and strategies with other Enmax stakeholders.


  • Requirements development
  • Technology evaluation
  • Design documentation
  • Cost-benefit analysis