VEX Pipeline Improvements Program

Client: Devon Energy
Completion Date: 2015
Location: Victoria County, Texas


We provided engineering, procurement and construction services to implement improvement projects to the Victoria Express (VEX) Pipeline originating in DeWitt County with final destination at Port of Victoria. The projects increased pipeline shipping capacity from nominal 50,000 barrels per day (bpd) to more than 90,000 bpd. The program consisted of seven projects across five sites. 

Cuero Terminal: A grassroots crude oil truck unloading and storage terminal consisting of an eight-bay truck unloading rack with canopy and LACT units, two 80,000 bbl external floating roof crude oil storage tanks (each tank is be equipped with side mounted mixers), a 10,000 bbl slop oil tank with external floating roof, two meter skids for inbound and outbound product, three transfer/injection pumps between tanks and pipeline pumps with ability to transfer volume between tanks, one potable and two non-potable water wells, water draw-off and slop pumps, duplex instrument air compressors with desiccant dryer, diesel firewater pump and firewater tank sized per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines, foundation and steel pipe support design, controls engineering, instrumentation, and data communication to control consoles.

BHP Pump Addition: Addition of two vertical can pumps to deliver approximately 58,000 bpd from the existing tank header at the origination facility to the VEX. Space was allocated for installation of a future pump that could increase the capacity to roughly 100,000 bpd. A new meter skid was installed downstream of the new pumps.

BPS Pump Addition: New pump for an existing pump station of the same type and size as the existing two 600 hp horizontal pumps. The existing pumps were sized for 50,000 bbl per day flow to the Port of Victoria Terminal. The new pump provided a redundant operational pump to allow the pipeline flow to be increased from 50,000 bbl per day to approximately 100,000 bbl per day.

Highway 77 Booster Station: Three new pipeline booster pumps to support the VEX pipeline plans to increase throughput from 50,000 bpd to approximately 90,000 bpd. The project also provided greenfield site improvements, including security fencing and access drives. The infrastructure design enables expansion options (in terms of cost and time) to increase receipt and delivery capabilities.

Port of Victoria (POV): Three projects including additional crude oil storage, installation of dock facilities for barge loading and upgrading fire protection systems.

Dock: Enables delivery of 50,000 bpd and supports expansion options (in terms of cost and time) to increase delivery capabilities as well as quality management. Adds a new loading position for barges at the new dock constructed by the city of Victoria and will handle approximately 5,000 bph of crude oil while loading barges.

Fire Protection Upgrades: Upgrades to the existing facilities include replacing the fire pump, extending the underground branch to the north to form a loop around the tank containment area, providing a new branch to hydrant/monitor at the meter skid, replacing existing corroded pipe stands and pipe hangers, testing the system according to applicable NFPA standards, and extending the fire alarm system to the fire pump enclosure to monitor the fire pump, new sprinkler system and the existing truck rack dry pipe system.

Tank: Increased the storage capacity of the POV terminal by adding a 50,000 bbl tank, leaving on-site room for an additional 50,000 bbl tank. The general components of this project included:

  • A 50,000 bbl gross capacity external floating roof crude oil storage tank
  • Secondary containment for storage tank using existing earthen dikes
  • Addition of intermediate dikes between all existing and new tanks
  • Receipt piping extension for the 12-inch (inbound) pipelines
  • Receipt piping extensions for the three existing lines from the truck rack receipt headers
  • Extension of the existing two 24-inch delivery (outbound) lines
  • Extension of the existing 6-inch water draw line
  • Terminal automation infrastructure as necessary to control tank receipt, storage inventory, truck offloading operations and pipeline delivery


  • Front end planning
  • Detailed engineering, procurement, material expediting and construction
  • Pre-startup/commissioning system checkout and startup support

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