We add insight and understanding to help you make strong business decisions that support your goals.

Maintaining environmental compliance while minimizing costs. Predicting future loads on a utility system. Incorporating new technologies and upgrading equipment. No matter what your business, these tasks require time and money. Our team can help you make the most of the resources you have, even before you get your project off the ground.

Clients succeed every day with our help in the face of these challenges. Our experience and knowledge help you plan, from new resources to retrofitting existing assets to demand-side management. We’ll develop strategies for compliance with today’s standards, preparing your business economically for the future with sound support for your capital expenditures.

Empowering Utilities with Business Planning

In utility markets, we’re well-versed in integrated resource planning (IRP) studies, including renewable evaluations, demand-side management, retirement scenarios and regulatory filing support. We develop forecasts — such as load and energy forecasts, market energy forecasts, and fuel forecasts — for use in IRP efforts.

With the increasing use of intermittent renewable resources, our studies dig deeper to get an accurate picture of needs and challenges. Power flow modeling takes into consideration the two-way power flows that often accompany the growth of distributed energy resources.


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