To identify and analyze the potential risks of a new project, you must first know where to look. It takes broad experience to see projects from a variety of perspectives.

The best decisions and investments are possible when you have that set of perspectives on your team. We have provided independent engineer’s evaluations on more than 100 technology projects across the country, covering power-generating assets, electrical transmission assets and more. With more than 20 years of experience supporting the successful acquisition of projects and identifying risks, we have refined the process developed risk mitigation strategies.

Big Factor for Renewables

Our team analyzes projects across the power generation spectrum, including projects totaling more than 14 gigawatts of renewable capacity. From careful review of technology options and key studies — such as siting, layout, interconnection, production estimates and geotechnical reports — to assessments of key agreements, project design and environmental reviews, you gain a comprehensive understanding of risks and rewards.

And with experience securing more than $15 billion in project financing for our clients, we can help you approach capital investments with confidence. We conduct cost analyses and feasibility studies to help you make better decisions. Our management services team helps you understand the potential effects of upcoming policy changes and economic alternatives. To convince the necessary parties of your project’s merits, we simplify complex information into documentation the public can easily understand. We help you identify federal and state incentives for which your renewable energy project qualifies, and then we help prepare your application.


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