The intermittent nature of many renewable power resources changes the power supply planning process. We take a holistic view to help you find the right configurations.

To determine the best deployment of resources to enhance power generation capacity and improve transmission efficiency and reliability, you need solid engineering, energy economies, construction execution and project financing background.

Regional Approach for Integration

We analyze energy usage with respect to the regional population and location. Our studies consider the existing power supply, its availability and the grid interconnections. Integrated resource planning (IRP) is the traditional approach for these analyses, but with the increasing use of intermittent renewable resources, our studies dig deeper to get an accurate picture of the needs and challenges.

Power flow modeling now has to take into consideration the two-way power flows that often accompany the growth of distributed energy resources. We can help you discover the details of supply and demand and determine how your project could fit into the area’s broader power profile. Our team works with you seamlessly to uncover the information you need to inform and refine your asset plans, then we are prepared to help you implement projects to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of energy delivery through the grid.


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