Selecting the right site for your next power generation facility presents a big data challenge. With typically 25 or more site selection criteria being evaluated, identifying and analyzing the right data sources is critical.

We leverage a proprietary site selection process that has been refined over two decades as we executed dozens of greenfield site selection studies and brownfield site assessments. We use our internal data, tools, software and geospatial capabilities to give you a competitive edge in the search for the right project site. 

Step-by-Step Site Assessment and Development

Our site assessment services often include:

  • Infrastructure screening and evaluation
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Candidate site identification
  • Candidate site evaluation
    • Transmission capacity studies
    • Fuel supply studies
    • Water supply and discharge studies
    • Utility routing and linear facilities planning
    • Land availability, zoning and ownership considerations 
    • Permitting assessments (air, water and more)
    • Environmental assessments
    • Public support assessments
    • Site-specific cost or schedule risks
  • Site visits and field reconnaissance
  • Relative cost differentials
  • Technology assessments
  • Detailed report candidate site rankings, conclusions and recommendations

These services are tailored for the requirements of each siting study we execute. Our approach has identified suitable sites for more than 100,000 megawatts of new power generating resources and other industrial facilities over the past decade.


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