The evolving regulatory landscape is ever-present. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published more than 3,500 final environmental regulations, comprising more than 30,000 pages over the past several years, all addressing air and water quality. Many of these regulations have had significant economic and operational impacts on the U.S. power generation fleet. 

Navigating this challenging landscape requires experience with the range of rules and regulations presented under the Clean Air Act (CAA) and the Clean Water Act (CWA). We understand the regulations, so that we can develop environmental compliance and risk strategies. We also know the utility business, power markets and electric utility industry, and we understand the technology solutions available.

We combine those skills, enabling the assessment and development of a comprehensive compliance risk strategy that suits your specific situation. Our team includes individuals with managerial and operational experience at electric utilities. They understand not only the pressure for compliance with environmental regulations but also the legal and business implications of those decisions. Our engineers and construction personnel have experience executing innovative, cost-effective and compliant technology solutions. Combined with our resource planning experience, we provide you with a team that can assess your options to mitigate risk, providing a solution that is based in real-life scenarios and considers life cycle costs. Your compliance strategy then positions your utility to provide clean, reliable, cost-effective power.

Comprehensive Experience with Power Generation Regulations

We develop compliance solutions for the full breadth of regulations governing the power generation sector, including the latest implementations of coal combustion residual (CCR) rules and effluent limitation guidelines (ELG).


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